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Befikar raho, as your dreams find wings to soar!

Unlock the doors to financial freedom with Befikar Credit! Embrace the journey of possibility, where personal loans and credit cards pave the way

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Product at Befikar Credit

Personal Loan

Personal Loans starting at 10.25%.

Apply for an online personal loan at low interest rates and get instant approval.


Credit Report

Check your Credit Score & Report in just 1 minute.

Check your credit score and prevent against identity thefts, bank reporting errors & poor credit rating. 

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Credit Card

Instant Credit Card Approval

Choose from 50+ credit cards, offered by the top banks with exciting rewards & cashback


Digital Saving Account

Just a click away to your digital savings account.

Open your digital savings account with 0* balance.


Handpicked Offer for you!


Money View Personal Loan

Loan Amount     -    Upto 5 Lacs

Interest Rate        -   Starting at 1.3% (p.m)

Processing Fee   -    2-8% Fee

Loan Tenure         -    Upto 5 Years

Why Befikar Credit?

Fast Service at Befikar Credit

Fast Processing Time & No Consultation Fees

Befikar Credit Credit Card Personal Loan

Complete Digital Process

Top Grade Security System

Top Grade Information



Excellent Customer Service

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